Side B – Track 2

That’s it

You’re done

Three strikes

And you’re out


And get the hell out

You lost your place in my heart

And you’re not getting it back

And no I don’t want you to “beg for me back”

Your words not mine

It hurts to know that even you think of me that way

And you say I’m the delusional one?

I wished I listened to you

I wished I heeded your warnings

Hope is such a foolish thing to possess

And I’m finally putting mine to rest

“Why?” you may ask.

“Surely I wasn’t that bad”

But you were and you are

And I refuse to be subject to that

First thing’s first:

I can’t trust a single sour word from your sweet lips

Hear me out for a second

I’ll explain

Your teeth weren’t steeped in falsehood like mine

They boasted half-truths and misdirection

And they excelled at deflection

A skill crafted to perfection

And that defense was complemented by phenomenal projection

Coupled with top of the line ejection

You could barely answer a single question

A trait reminiscent of our most recent election

And this flaw has no external correction

Rather lots of (and I mean lots) of reflection

And a hard fought battle

With your perpetual dejection

“I think I’m fine just the way I am”

HA! I forgot how funny you were!

I can’t argue with that notion

But I think you need to look a little closer

When my demons came up

When my skeletons came out

I casted them out

And I fought them back

I gave more effort than I really should’ve

To someone who didn’t want to do the same

And it’s really a fucking shame

Still don’t get it? Let me put it this way:


Where was yours?

It was WAY past the deadline

And I got tired of waiting

I just wanted to be your ride or die

But instead you left me out to dry and cry

And when I asked for a change

Well, you couldn’t be bothered to try

I have a query for you:

Do you KNOW what it’s like to love someone who doesn’t feel the same or care?

That kind of chemical warfare is TRULY too much bare

You violated the Geneva Conventions, but you don’t really care

Since I love you

I really hope you never have to feel what I felt

But maybe that’s what it’ll take

For you to get it through your head

I just wanted you to love me

Like how I loved you

Maybe not in the same way

But with the same fire and ferocity

So that’s it

You’re done

Three strikes

And you’re out

Pack your shit up

And get the hell out

You lost your place in my heart

And until the day you love me

You’re not getting it back

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