The Seven Inner Critics by Kamrin Johnson

Ah! The Perfectionist!

My least favorite of the seven

Her and I have been quite intimate, you know?

I always believe her lies

She knows I want success

She knows I hate failure

She knows how to use that all too well

The Inner Controller

He’s a tricky one.

At first he seemed like a friend

“Helping” me control my impulses.

But then his “guidance” became… overbearing

“Don’t eat this!” or “Don’t do that!”

It’s becoming too much

Mr. Taskmaster

He never lets me relax




All things he calls me

Maybe I’d work a little harder if he was little kinder

The Underminer has a strange way of keeping me safe

She hates to hear my heart break

She can’t stand to see me get hurt

So when she smells danger, she goes on the offense

Striking my confidence

Jabbing at my self esteem

Opportunities slip away when she’s involved

The worst is The Destroyer

And there’s a reason I believe this

Have you ever felt like not living?

Have you ever felt worthless?

Have you ever felt unbearable shame?

That his him going to work

And I avoid him at all costs

The Guilt Tripper capitalizes off of the others

She’s much more clever than her sisters and brothers

She feeds off of the doubt of my choices

And works best when she can hide in the sea of voices

Whether it be poor decision or an indecision

She executes her trip traps with utmost precision

I must tread lightly

The Molder is constantly mad at me

He wants me to fit in with what he believes is right

With the values I grew up with

 He believes his work of art isn’t finished yet

But you know what?

Neither is mine

And that’s just fine

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