Invasive Species by Kamrin Johnson

There’s a beast roaming around

We’ve all come across them

And some of you, myself included, have been victims of their attacks

The moment you awaken, they prepare their attack

One appears and surveys its prey like a lion

Looking for points of weakness

They’re omnipresent and observant, so keep your wits about you

This is the best time to prevent tragedy from unfolding

Shoo them away or yet acknowledge them and go about your day

They hate this the most

If the beast finds that its prey is weak, it calls for the rest of its pack

But do not fret as their hunt can still be stopped

The methods above will suffice

But beware, assistance from a loved one may be required

But some victims are not as strong or as lucky

Their defenses may not be as reliable as others

Their strength may not enough

More members begin to arrive because of this

As the pack’s numbers continue to rise, so does the danger they present

Their tactics shift from passive ever so slightly to aggressive

They begin to prod and poke

Gnawing away at the weaknesses found

Little by little they whittle and whittle

By this point their prey starts to succumb to the blood loss

Vital organs begin to fail

Bodily functions start shutting down

At this point the victim is incapacitated

Their ability to defend themself is almost gone

Assistance is not only welcomed, it’s required

But some victims are not as strong or as lucky

The pack returns to the shadows once they’ve had their fill

The victim, alone and aching

They are left poisoned and open to future attacks

And attack they will

You see, this was only the beginning of the beast’s cycle

They will keep attacking the weakened prey

Each attack more successful than the last

“What are these beasts?” you may ask

And why are they so dangerous

They are our thoughts

Intrusive yet Unobtrusive

Passive yet Aggressive

Repulsive yet Beautiful

Innocent and dangerous

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